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At Chamoun Legal Inc, our team is devoted to offering each client a personalized and humane experience.

We represent a wide range of entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized businesses, whether it is for corporate purposes or to represent them in civil or commercial litigation in front of all court instances.

Our approach is pragmatic and focused on concrete results. With a team that works closely together, you will always have a rigorous defense and dedicated lawyers to render you an impeccable service, all at a very competitive price. Moreover, we brand ourselves in the industry, by giving you access to our network of professionals and experts based on the needs of your file or of your business project.

Whether you or your company are involved in litigation, in need of legal advice or of contract drafting, our versatile lawyers will be happy to assist you. Contact us to book your consultation!




Real estate


Corporate Law

Droit des affaires et droit corporatif

Civil and Commercial Litigation

Litige civil et commercial

Bankruptcy & Insolvency

Faillite et Insolvabilité



Entertainment Law

Droit de divertissement

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